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Ragley Halls Great Hall restoration/redecoration

Date: 15/8/2011

We are in the process of organising the restoration and redecoration of the Great Hall at Ragley for Lord and Lady Hertford.

Henry has spent this year travelling up and down the M40 organising the various trades required to entertain this huge project. The origins of the commission began with a visit to Ragley by our friend and college Graham Rust. Graham was asked to create a new colour scheme for the Trophy niches which he painted on canvas. Graham then recommended Henry and team to complete the finished effect.

The Great Hall was last painted by John Fowler and team in the 1960's. The finish in the hall is of flat oil with a slight strie to create subtle movement. We are going to reproduce this look with the contemporary equivalent mediums. With the hall now being used as a venue that is slightly more sympathetic to paint work i.e. no smoking and the grand fires being lit less often it should stay looking its best well into the next decade.

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